Monday, March 22, 2010

Salamander Progress Log: WIP stuffs

So after a hectic couple of weeks, I'm finally able to resume work on my beloved Salamander Space Marine over the next couple of weeks. First thing I want to finish is these last two Legion of the Damned Space Marines.

As well as them I have another Land Raider Redeemer to assemble and paint, a drop pod to finish and also the beginnings of some Salamanders on bikes! 3 work in progress sergeants and a Captain I intend to convert from the bike riding chaplain to lead the 3 squads of bikers I want to field!

I also happen to have picked up for myself a Bane blade super heavy tank I intend to convert into a Salamanders Fellblade.

A Fellblade is a variant of Bane Blade used by the space marine legions before the Horus Heresy. Fluff wise, This bad boy is from the Isstvaan drop site massacre where the majority of the Salamanders legion was slaughtered. Among those that survived, the Fellblade "Vulkan's Pride" led the desperate push through the traitor forces to ensure the Salamanders' escape. Despite being grievously damaged, Vulkan's Pride survived and escaped and over the 10 thousand years since has been repaired and rearmed and continues to serve the chapter, but so highly is it valued that it is only ever brought to bear under the most dire of circumstances.
The idea is that this tank is going to be Fiery Doom on tank treads. Heavy flamer sponsons, extra heavy flamer (or multi melta) turrets and I'm even considering replacing the Bane Blade Cannon... I'd be keen to hear people's thoughts there.
Definately looking forward to finishing it!
And amongst all of this I have a Venerable Dreadnought and 3 regulars to finish and I had an idea for some sternguard...
Better get stuck into it!

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