Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Skeleton WIP

So I've been painting up my Mantic stuff already, loving it every step of the way. I haven't been this motivated to paint in a while. Here is one of my first skeletons.

I'm working on building up the bone, I'm really pleased with how it's eyes have turned out. Dunno about red for the shield though. I'm considering a dark blue, green or purple as an alternative to the red.

Let me know what you think! I'm eager to hear people's thoughts on the scheme!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mantic Games: Undead Review

So around two weeks ago, my mantic games order arrived but in my haste to be ready for Mechanicon (More on how that went later) I didn't get the chance to sit down and post a review like I intended. However now...
So I'd seen the Mantic Games Elves long before I considered getting the Undead. I'd seen the pictures of the elves on the net but didn't think much of them till one of the guys at my club bought some. I think it was the colour scheme on the studio models I found discouraging because seeing them in the real, I was amazed at the quality of the models considering how amazingly cheap they are compared to their Games Workshop counterparts. So when I dug up a heap of unused Vampire models I'd bought a while ago and considered doing an undead army, the Mantic Games undead range stood out as a cheap and effective alternative to what could prove otherwise to be a very costly horde army.

So to start off with I ordered 80 of the Mantic Skeletons, 50 Ghouls and 20 of the amazing Revenant Knights, a far cooler alternative to the incredibly outdated Black Knights. This cost me a mere $300 Australian. From Games workshop, this would have cost well in excess of $700 Australian. Around ten days after placing my order, it arrived safe and sound, all the way from the UK. With the enthusiasm typical of a small child on christmas morning, I tore into the contents of the package and set about examining my purchase.

The first thing that struck me was the well defined, sharp details and the absence of any noticable deformity or imperfection in the figures. Their facial features are clean and crisp, their clothing and battle gear equally so. Also though some minor mold lines were present, they were easily fixed and did no real harm to the model's appearance.

Secondly, the sprues are jam packed. One regular sprue of Skeletons contains 10 skeletons, enough components to arm them with Hand weapons or spears, a variety of heads to customise their appearance and some neat exras including a tomb stone, a skeleton bursting out of the ground and a tiny skeletal dog.

These were also for the most part, great to assemble, In a couple of hours I had 30 skeletons completeley assembled and cleaned up, ready to be painted. This was a fairly relaxed process too, assembly was simple and I encountered very few problems.

I'm setting to work painting them now and they are great. Really characterful sculpts with some really fun details and they have a great deal of potential to make for some really intimidating looking troops. So all in all, I'm very impressed, very pleased and will definately be investing in more soon. Especially the Revenants and the much anticipated Zombies!

Whether you're looking to try their game, Kings of War, for something different or for cheap yet good looking alternatives for games like WHFB, then look into giving the mantic range a shot. Chances are, they won't disappoint!

Till next time,