Saturday, December 25, 2010

13 Days of Insanity, Part One

So on January 8th & 9th I'll be attending Demonicon, which is hands down one of the most fun tournaments in South Australia and whilst I could have and probably should have chose to field my Salamanders, at the last possible minute (and by that I mean last weekend when army lists were due...) I spontaneously decided to surprise everyone, to do the unexpected and field a whole new army that no-one could have seen coming.

Whilst I could take the opportunity to complete my Angelic space marines and bring them to the field, I'm adamant I'm not rushing that army. It'll be done when it's done. We all know I am an incredibly slow painter and projects like the brotherhood are perfect examples of this, yet that wasn't always the case. Before I first took on a casual position at Colonel Sanders' nearby outpost, I was quite the painting machine. Hell I managed to knock together armies within 2 weeks of the tournament they were due to be used at whilst attending high school... Now however, everything has changed. I'm leaving my job in pursuit of more favorable conditions (and hours)in a better line of work and with Demonicon on the horizon, I decided I want to prove to myself that I can still complete an army in such a short space of time. And by my reckoning, I might just have enough time to do it!

So sit back and enjoy the tale of my frantic progress as I rush to complete 2,000pts of counts as Space Wolves in 13 days.

Just so you know what lies ahead of me, here's the list I am working to complete:

he Knights of Cydonia - Space wolves (counts as)


Revered Ancient Mathias Bell'amie 270 pts
Bjorn the Fell Handed (270)
Plasma Cannon (0) Dreadnought close combat weapon with Built in Heavy Flamer, Wolf tail talisman, Smoke launchers, Saga of majesty

Brother-Captain Samuel Theoun 160 pts
Wolf Lord (100)
Pair of Wolf Claws (40) Terminator armour(40)


Ancient Christoph 145 pts
Dreadnought (105)
Twin-linked Lascannon (30) Dreadnought Close combat weapon with Built in Heavy Flamer (10), Smoke Launchers, Searchlight

Ancient Christoph 125 pts
Dreadnought (105)
Assault cannon (0) Dreadnought Close combat weapon with Built in Heavy Flamer (10), Smoke Launchers, Searchlight, Wolftooth Necklace (10)

The Inner Circle 339 pts
8x Wolf Guard Terminators (264)
8x Storm Bolters (0) 1x Cyclone Missile Launcher (30) 2x Frost Blades (20) 2x Power fists (20) 1x Wolf Claw (5) 3x Power Weapons (0)


Cydonia's Wrath 195 pts
10x Grey Hunters (150)
Bolt pistols & Close combat weapons, Bolters, Frag & krak grenades, Wolf Standard (10), 1x Power Weapon (15), Mark of the Wulfen (15), 1x Meltagun (5), 1x Meltagun (0)

Cydonia's Vengeance 190 pts
10x Grey Hunters (150)
Bolt pistols & Close combat weapons, Bolters, Frag & krak grenades, Wolf Standard (10), 1x Power Weapon (15), Mark of the Wulfen (15), 2x Flamers (0)

Cydonia's Deliverance 200 pts
10x Grey Hunters (150)
Bolt pistols & Close combat weapons, Bolters, Frag & krak grenades, Wolf Standard (10), 1x Power Weapon (15), Mark of the Wulfen (15), 1x Plasmagun (10), Plasmagun (0)


Cydonia's Fury 220 pts
10x Skyclaws (180)Bolt pistols & Close combat weapons, Frag & krak grenades, 1x Power Fist (25), Mark of the Wulfen (15)


Heaven's Fury 85 pts
Whirlwind (85)
Whirlwind multiple missile launcher, Smoke Launchers, Searchlight

Total: 1,999 pts

Stay tuned, first Work in progress pictures will be posted soon.



Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fantasy: A Slann for Slann's sake

Also, another model I've been gradually working on over the last few weeks is this Slann mage priest, simply because I felt like painting him!

He is no where near done and I have a lot of work to do before he's finished but I'm really happy with it so far and have really enjoyed working on him, bit of a pain to assemble what with being a metal model but the enjoyment I'm getting out of painting it is more then worth it, will hopefully have some pictures of a finished version soon!

Urban War: Greatcoat Viridian and Syntha WIP's

Wow, Its been far too long between updates for my liking. Unfortunately I've had little time online having both my computer and my Girlfriend's breaking recently (within a day of each other no less) and we are yet to get them successfully fixed. Although mainly, I have been very slow in regards to making any progress painting wise and have either had little to write about or been too worn out from work to write up half the things I'd like. Alas, such is life and these things happen, enough of my excuses. You're not reading this blog to see them!

I've made somne more progress on the district 9 inspired Viridian team for Urban War by completing this guy

He's nothing special game wise, besides having a greatcoat, he's no different to a regular Gauss rifle toting marine. I'm just going to use him and others like him to represent Marines with higher CAL values then the regular marines.

I've also got some of my new Syntha Biomechs on the way. I'm going to paint the team with an Iron Man inspired red and gold armour and I'm happy with how they're turning out.

These will hopefully be complete soon, so stay tuned for more updates! Hopefully I'll be able to get back to posting more frequently over the coming weeks!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Skeleton WIP

So I've been painting up my Mantic stuff already, loving it every step of the way. I haven't been this motivated to paint in a while. Here is one of my first skeletons.

I'm working on building up the bone, I'm really pleased with how it's eyes have turned out. Dunno about red for the shield though. I'm considering a dark blue, green or purple as an alternative to the red.

Let me know what you think! I'm eager to hear people's thoughts on the scheme!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mantic Games: Undead Review

So around two weeks ago, my mantic games order arrived but in my haste to be ready for Mechanicon (More on how that went later) I didn't get the chance to sit down and post a review like I intended. However now...
So I'd seen the Mantic Games Elves long before I considered getting the Undead. I'd seen the pictures of the elves on the net but didn't think much of them till one of the guys at my club bought some. I think it was the colour scheme on the studio models I found discouraging because seeing them in the real, I was amazed at the quality of the models considering how amazingly cheap they are compared to their Games Workshop counterparts. So when I dug up a heap of unused Vampire models I'd bought a while ago and considered doing an undead army, the Mantic Games undead range stood out as a cheap and effective alternative to what could prove otherwise to be a very costly horde army.

So to start off with I ordered 80 of the Mantic Skeletons, 50 Ghouls and 20 of the amazing Revenant Knights, a far cooler alternative to the incredibly outdated Black Knights. This cost me a mere $300 Australian. From Games workshop, this would have cost well in excess of $700 Australian. Around ten days after placing my order, it arrived safe and sound, all the way from the UK. With the enthusiasm typical of a small child on christmas morning, I tore into the contents of the package and set about examining my purchase.

The first thing that struck me was the well defined, sharp details and the absence of any noticable deformity or imperfection in the figures. Their facial features are clean and crisp, their clothing and battle gear equally so. Also though some minor mold lines were present, they were easily fixed and did no real harm to the model's appearance.

Secondly, the sprues are jam packed. One regular sprue of Skeletons contains 10 skeletons, enough components to arm them with Hand weapons or spears, a variety of heads to customise their appearance and some neat exras including a tomb stone, a skeleton bursting out of the ground and a tiny skeletal dog.

These were also for the most part, great to assemble, In a couple of hours I had 30 skeletons completeley assembled and cleaned up, ready to be painted. This was a fairly relaxed process too, assembly was simple and I encountered very few problems.

I'm setting to work painting them now and they are great. Really characterful sculpts with some really fun details and they have a great deal of potential to make for some really intimidating looking troops. So all in all, I'm very impressed, very pleased and will definately be investing in more soon. Especially the Revenants and the much anticipated Zombies!

Whether you're looking to try their game, Kings of War, for something different or for cheap yet good looking alternatives for games like WHFB, then look into giving the mantic range a shot. Chances are, they won't disappoint!

Till next time,

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Road To Mechanicon: Terminators ready for battle

So Mechanicon draws ever closer, 11 days till the event and thankfully I am making very, very good progress! Terminator Squad: Nocturne's Fury are now equipped with a shiny new cyclone missile launcher. The squad was originally fielded with (unsurprisingly) a Heavy Flamer. However without Vulkan in the army, the Cyclone seems a more effective and balanced choice. Combined with a Librarian using The Gate, I should be able to wreak some havoc with this squad regardless of what they come up against! Or so I hope... Anyway, here's some pictures of the squad and their latest member.

I'm quite happy with how the new Cyclone Missile Launcher Terminator has turned out (Though taking these pictures, I noticed a spot on the Librarian that needed to be fixed, rest assured it has since been corrected)

I'm currently working on the Thunderfire Cannon, considering how much of a pain it is to assemble I figured leaving it till last could prove to be a costly error. Seeing as I have two, the second cannon's techmarine has been converted from one of the standard techmarines so there isn't two identical techmarines kicking around. I quite like him and can't wait to have him painted.
Many thanks to my Girl Friend, Blakeley, for taking these photos

So 11 days, this techmarine, The Thunderfire and a Razorback to complete. I'm pretty confident I can do it and am so looking forward to my weekend away. We're hoping to film some video's of the weekend which is promising to be a really good time.

More is soon to come! Back to the painting desk!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Road to Mechanicon: Salamander additions

So after the cracking good time I had in Adelaide at Mechanicon 2009, an adeptus mechanicus themed 2 day tournament run by Inner Sanctum gaming, I'm returning again with the Salamanders in tow and its 2 weeks away.

I've made some alterations to what is my usual 1,200 pts list and with a deep breath, decided to leave Vulkan at home. I know what you're thinking "Salamanders without Vulkan!? Beau, have you hit your head?" but I want a challenge, a different approach. The vulkan melta/flamer/thunder hammer spam was getting a touch too repetitive. Not to mention the enormous amount of disdain that particular build is regarded with...

So I'll be fielding this instead:

Jah'Haim, The Seer of Nocturne
Librarian, Force Weapon, Psychic Hood, Terminator Armour and Storm Shield, Psychic Powers: The Gate, Smite

Nocturne's Fury, Jah'Haim's Honour Guards
4 Terminators and 1 Terminator Sergeant with Storm Bolters, Powerfists, Power Weapon (Sergeant Only) and Terminator Armour, 1x Cyclone Missile Launcher

Brother Tu'Pach
Dreadnought with Assault Cannon, Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon with built in Storm Bolter, Searchlight and Smoke Launchers

Tactical Squad Prometheus
9 Tactical Marines with Bolters, Bolt Pistols, Frag and Krak grenades and Power Armour, 1x Flamer, 1x Missile Launcher and 1 Space Marine Sergeant with Power Weapon, mounted in a Razorback with smoke launchers and searchlight, Twin Linked Lascannon

Tactical Squad Infernus
9 Tactical Marines with Bolters, Bolt Pistols, Frag and Krak grenades and Power Armour, 1x Flamer, 1x Missile Launcher and 1 Space Marine Sergeant with Combi Flamer, mounted in a Razorback with smoke launchers and searchlight, Twin Linked Lascannon

Thunderfire Cannon “Vulkan's Hammer”
1 Thunderfire Cannon, 1 Techmarine Gunner with Artififcer armour, Bolt Pistol, Frag and Krag Grenades and a Full Servo Harness
Thunderfire Cannon “Vulkan's Anvil”
1 Thunderfire Cannon, 1 Techmarine Gunner with Artififcer armour, Bolt Pistol, Frag and Krag Grenades and a Full Servo Harness

For a total of 1,200 pts

Now this list calls for some alterations and additions to my Salamanders collection, the first comnpleted example I can show you is the literally, re-armed Brother Tu'Pach and his shiny new assualt cannon.

I'll have more to show as I complete it. On the to do list is a 2nd razorback, a cyclone missile launcher terminator and my second thunderfire cannon. Hopefully by the time I've done these, my matic games undead will have arrived!
Stay tuned guys!

Till next time,

Monday, August 9, 2010

First Vampire Completed!

So alongside a Lizardmen army I'm in the stages of planning, for the new edition of Warhammer Fantasy I'm working on a Vampire Counts army. I'm going to use predominantly Mantic Games miniatures for the troops, there's two reasons for this, the first being that I'm trying to save money at the moment and mantic's prices blow GW out of the water. Secondly, the Revenant Cavalry, Zombies and Ghouls look so much better then theGW equivelants and I'm quite fond of the mantic Skeletons as well...

The army is themed around a family of Vampires, The Father, once lord and master of a mighty fortress near the world's edge mountains. His sons, a mighty champion and successor to his legacy, a scholar of the highest order and a hero fallen from grace who has regressed into the primal form of a Varghulf. As well as his 3 sons, his daughters and his wife, who is the source of the vampiric taint. Even though their once opulent domain has fallen into ruin, their armies and civilians continue to serve them in death as they seek to restore their domain to its former glory. Pretty much the premise of the army, I'm working on expanding it from there.

Anyway, I've done the first vampire, one of the daughters.

I'm quite happy with how she's turned out. I'm aiming for a pallid grey flesh tone on my vampires to give them a deathly, unnatural appearance. I figured this would be one of the least militaristic of the Vampiric Family and so it seemed appropriate to paint her in something resembling a maiden's plain white dress (I was watching Dracula 2000 around the time of working on this)

Hopefully have more of these up soon, I'm currently working on the rest of the vampires before turning to working on what will be massive blocks of infantry and cavalry.

I've also got more Urban War Figures and some new additions to the Salamanders on the way so stay tuned!

Till next time,

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Painting Update: Completed Legion of the Damned and more Urban War...

So Today I finally got around to doing some more painting related goodness and taking some pics...

My complete LOTD Squad for the Salamanders

And another model for my MNU themed Urban War team. Along with some marines in trench coats that will be painted the same way, she should make for a good addition to the force. The idea behind the colour scheme was a sort of shady/sinister government agent kind of look and that theme wise, within the team these are a group of mysterious specialists working for the highest raning members of the company. Doing all their dirty work and keeping secrets safe. Y'know, the stuff conspiracy theories are made out of :P

Hopefully some more progress before the weekend is over...

Thanks for looking!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Urban War: Captain Lee Hammer

So here's whats distracted me from doing much more on my Salamander Space Marines! This is one of the named characters from the Viridian faction in Urban Mammoth's Urban War game. Lee Hammer is a Captain in the Viridian Special forces and makes for a valuable addition to a force fielding numerous Special Forces troopers for the benefits he can confer to them as well as his own strengths in a close range firefight. My Viridian force derives inspiration from the MNU Security Forces in the movie, District 9. Their colours and markings are being painted accordingly.

I have a whole strike team of these in the works, hopefully I'll have a special forces trooper and some colonial marines completed soon. I'm also working on a strike team belonging to the Syntha faction as well but I'm likeley to finish these first.

Salamander Progress Log: LOTD Sergeant Complete!

Despite being distracted by my Urban War Viridans, I've managed to do some more work on the salamanders. The Legion of the Damned Sergeant is now complete with the multi melta soon to join him.

My 2nd Land raider Redeemer's internal details are complete and now I just need to do the outside and I also have a 2nd terminator assault squad that is almost complete! Hopefully I can get some the land raider done and onto the fields of battle as soon as possible...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Salamander Progress Log: WIP stuffs

So after a hectic couple of weeks, I'm finally able to resume work on my beloved Salamander Space Marine over the next couple of weeks. First thing I want to finish is these last two Legion of the Damned Space Marines.

As well as them I have another Land Raider Redeemer to assemble and paint, a drop pod to finish and also the beginnings of some Salamanders on bikes! 3 work in progress sergeants and a Captain I intend to convert from the bike riding chaplain to lead the 3 squads of bikers I want to field!

I also happen to have picked up for myself a Bane blade super heavy tank I intend to convert into a Salamanders Fellblade.

A Fellblade is a variant of Bane Blade used by the space marine legions before the Horus Heresy. Fluff wise, This bad boy is from the Isstvaan drop site massacre where the majority of the Salamanders legion was slaughtered. Among those that survived, the Fellblade "Vulkan's Pride" led the desperate push through the traitor forces to ensure the Salamanders' escape. Despite being grievously damaged, Vulkan's Pride survived and escaped and over the 10 thousand years since has been repaired and rearmed and continues to serve the chapter, but so highly is it valued that it is only ever brought to bear under the most dire of circumstances.
The idea is that this tank is going to be Fiery Doom on tank treads. Heavy flamer sponsons, extra heavy flamer (or multi melta) turrets and I'm even considering replacing the Bane Blade Cannon... I'd be keen to hear people's thoughts there.
Definately looking forward to finishing it!
And amongst all of this I have a Venerable Dreadnought and 3 regulars to finish and I had an idea for some sternguard...
Better get stuck into it!

Musings on Running Tournaments

My alarm finally wakes me, its 8:30am and I have less time then I planned on having. Wasting no time, I see to packing everything I need into as quickly and accurately as I can. I can't afford to forget anything but time is not on my side. For the fifth time I go over the list of gear I need in my head and resolve to head to the venue where already awaiting me are a pair of enthusiastic gamers offering to help set up the venue for the big day that lies ahead. In no time at all, nearly half the participants are present, all pitching in to layout the terrain and set up the tables. Miraculously everything is prepped and ready by 9:30am, just as planned. The last of the players arrive and the room is buzzing with excitement. Its time for Recon to begin...

On March 20th in Mount Gambier, South Australia, our war gaming club ran its first one day tournament and with the assistance of Rob, one of the Club's most senior members, I ran it. While not the first time I've run a tournament, it was a daunting prospect nonetheless. Regardless, it was still great fun, I enjoyed myself and it was a thrill to see so many people having just as much, if not more fun. A more then ample pay off for the effort that goes into running such an event.

So what is the point to running a tournament? What is its purpose? Answering such a question is harder then one would think. In many ways, it is as much a social event as it is a competitive one. Or at least in Australia it is and when viewing the sportsmanship scores, it shows. Nearly all the peer based sportsmanship scores at Recon were maxed out or a point or two away from being maxed out. Something I was particularly impressed by. Clearly a group of gamers who thoroughly enjoyed playing against each other and did so in good spirit. The same can be said of any other event I've been to, where its more like a gathering of friends then a competition and I guess I could say that's quite true for a lot of us. I've made many friends in my travels and I know many other gamers who have too.

But it wouldn't be a tournament without some genuine competition. But is it solely about winning games? Obviously they count for a lot but many tournaments in Australia also grade their players on sportsmanship, painting and their army's composition. The reason for this being that many tournaments here are regarded as the search for the "Apex Gamer" someone who is excelling themselves within the various aspects of the hobby, playing in relatively good spirit and that it is their skill as a general, not just what combination of units they are fielding that has earned them their place upon the podium. I agree wholeheartedly with all of this and run my tournaments in a similar fashion as I feel it gives us all something to aim for. If the players wining all the prizes and places were playing with completely unpainted armies and/or playing like complete douchebags then that simply tells the rest of the tournament going community that is perfectly acceptable. Wouldn't it be better for them to have something better to aim for?

It made me want to improve my abilities and over the years I have seen similar improvements in my peers as they strive to reach that position. And at Recon, it was a delight to see some of them finally begin to achieve that and get recognition that was truly well deserved.

As the tournament organiser, you obviously see things in a different light and as a result of my own experiences, I tend to try my hardest to not make things difficult for the organisers. The basic fundamentals of running the tournament can be difficult enough without players complaining about your choice of mission or any rulings you've imposed. Having had that at previous events I've run, it can really throw you off your concentration and then you're struggling to get back to what you were doing and doing it without making a hash of things.

But do the players see this? I don't think we do. So long as the tournament seems to be going well, we don't ever actually know what's going on behind the scenes and how closely its shape can sometimes resemble that of a pear. Even at Recon, after entering round one's sportsmanship scores, by accident I closed the window before saving and lost all of them, prompting me to go through all the submitted sports scores and enter them all over again much to my dismay. But did anyone notice? Of course not. Did it negatively impact on the event? Nope. Things like that only seem to go to a bad place if you lose your cool and allow it to. Easier said then done. Would that situation have gone so smoothly if that moment someone came up and told me I'd completely screwed them because the mission cost them the game and they demanded some form of compensation? Hell No! Disturb the TO like that and things can get much worse if they aren't able to get on top of the situation and a difficult gamer can only worsen that.

And you never know if something like this is going on. Just ask a TO after their event is done and gone and they'll probably have a story or two for you. It doesn't even have to be on the day for something to be difficult for them, printing off so many sheets for missions and results sheets is no small feat and like anything involving computers, it can go oh so horribly wrong. And they are only human, they can make mistakes too.

So where am I going with this? I've crapped on an awful lot about the ideals of running a fun yet competitive tournament and giving the TO their due respect, but why?
Well basically its food for thought. The tournament environment isn't just an incentive for us as gamers to better ourselves within this wonderful hobby, its also a means for the organisers to endeavour to run increasingly better events. To refine that process of finding the Apex gamers, to run better, more enjoyable missions and to give their participating gamers the best experience possible. To be told you are doing that, like I was at Recon, is an incredibly high honour really. I mean its kind of fantastic but you don't let it go to your head. If anything its motivation to further that. Yet I couldn't have done any of that without the gamers. The courteous, helpful, good spirited gamers who made Recon the most enjoyable events I've run.

And when you find that wonderful little niche, you know you have something special. There are many tournaments also in this category within the country. Terracon is a fantastic example. They are run brilliantly and the participants couldn't be any less brilliant in their conduct and support and it has created an environment that I know I for one can't get enough of.

So at the end of the day, I now look to the future, thinking how can I improve? Maybe not rambling so much and making this blog shorter would have been a good start. Anyway, just putting some thoughts out there and I'd be glad to hear those of others!
Hopefully I haven't bored you too much and you've enjoyed reading.

Till next time,

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Review: Warhammer 40,000 Battle Missions

So while at Toy Stampede picking up prizes for RECON, the Warhammer 40,000 tournament I will be running this weekend, I bought myself a copy of the latest Warhammer 40,000 supplement.

Now I wasn't sure what to expect from Battle Missions but as someone who runs a war gaming club and tournaments, it struck me as being a handy resource to invest in. As soon as I got home, I gave it a good read and well... I'm still not sure how I feel about it.

So what does Battle Missions give you? Well it contains 3 new missions for each faction (except the chapter specific marine dexes like Dark Angels and Space Wolves and the Inquisitorial dexes which is a bit of a bummer) Most of the missions don't necessarily need to be the armies the mission seems designed for but obviously some missions would work better with the intended participants.

Some of the missions seem like really good fun, Black Crusade is akin to the old Meat Grinder mission with units being recycled back onto the table as soon as they are destroyed as players race to gain the highest body count. However there are also a lot of other missions which just seem very bland or too much like each other. Frankly though it has some good, well presnted missions they aren't anything an enthusiast with a good head on his shoulders couldn't come up with himself. However that in itself highlights a strong point of Battle Missions.

Rather then having to devise and present these things ourselves, in this supplement, Games Workshop is essentially doing the hard work for those of us who simply do not have the time on our hands or the ability to do so. Also in a club environment, I imagine it will be a handy resource for players to tap into.

The background material it provides isn't really worth a mention. There's nothing really new or remarkable about it. Its just there because Games Workshop seems to feel we need to know what a space marine is and how ninja an eldar can be. Nothing we haven't heard before. But it does present some really need special missions in the form of a stream lined version of the old kill team mini game which looks every bit as enjoyable as its predecessor, if maybe a little easier to follow. Also, Line breaker looks good fun, where 3 super heavy tanks aim to smash aside the defending army and destroy the enemy shield generator. Looks like fun, not something that could be taken to seriously but as far as saturday night beer and pizza just for fun stuff goes, it would be great.

Also clash of the heroes would be fantastic fun under the right circumstances, a mission where the only thing that can kill your special character, is another special character. Could be really good fun in that unless your Colonel Straken ends up face to face with the swarm lord...

So at the end of it all, ever the eternal optimist, I think its a reasonable addition to the warhammer 40,000 family, I think it presents us with a useful resource for clubs and a handy piece of inspiration for designing missions and tryinmg something different at tournaments. But, it isn't something I would rush to buy and I certainly wouldn't get a copy if my regular opponents already had... So I guess I'm still not 100% on it... given time and some games with it, maybe it will seem more appealing.

Thanks for reading, Till next time.
- Beau

Monday, March 15, 2010

Stompa for Toy Stampede

Well, Just sharing the fruits of today's labour. This is Stampy.

Say Hello Stampy

I finished painting Stampy today. Stampy is a large warmachine referred to as a stompa, that belongs to the race of Orks in Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 table top wargame. Despite being a 25mm scale model, Stampy still stands a whole 12 inches tall. Were he real we'd be measuring him in storeys. So pretty big and pretty devastating, this bad boy totes enough fire power to level a city block. Providing he can hit it (Orks aren't renown for their accuracy! )

This model was painted on behalf of Toy Stampede, our local warhammer stockist. Naturally being so big, painting him was a rather drawn out affair simply because there was so much of him. And there are so many neat, intricate details, its very easy to get focused on these tiny areas only to discover there's plenty more where that came from! However I'm happy with him as he is so first thing tomorrow morning I'll be taking him down to toy stampede where he will be going on display!

A few more Pics

Thanks for having a look!

- Beau

First Post!


My name's Beau and welcome to my blogspot! I'm from South Australia and its no where near as hot as popular opinion would have you believe!
I've created it with the intention of writing about my various hobbies and projects, namely miniature wargaming and film making, various aspects of said hobbies and projects as well as just.. Y'know. Blogging.

So anyway, I'm not terribly fond of introductions so thats enough of that, moving right on to the blogging!

- Beau