Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Urban War: Captain Lee Hammer

So here's whats distracted me from doing much more on my Salamander Space Marines! This is one of the named characters from the Viridian faction in Urban Mammoth's Urban War game. Lee Hammer is a Captain in the Viridian Special forces and makes for a valuable addition to a force fielding numerous Special Forces troopers for the benefits he can confer to them as well as his own strengths in a close range firefight. My Viridian force derives inspiration from the MNU Security Forces in the movie, District 9. Their colours and markings are being painted accordingly.

I have a whole strike team of these in the works, hopefully I'll have a special forces trooper and some colonial marines completed soon. I'm also working on a strike team belonging to the Syntha faction as well but I'm likeley to finish these first.

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