Monday, August 16, 2010

The Road To Mechanicon: Terminators ready for battle

So Mechanicon draws ever closer, 11 days till the event and thankfully I am making very, very good progress! Terminator Squad: Nocturne's Fury are now equipped with a shiny new cyclone missile launcher. The squad was originally fielded with (unsurprisingly) a Heavy Flamer. However without Vulkan in the army, the Cyclone seems a more effective and balanced choice. Combined with a Librarian using The Gate, I should be able to wreak some havoc with this squad regardless of what they come up against! Or so I hope... Anyway, here's some pictures of the squad and their latest member.

I'm quite happy with how the new Cyclone Missile Launcher Terminator has turned out (Though taking these pictures, I noticed a spot on the Librarian that needed to be fixed, rest assured it has since been corrected)

I'm currently working on the Thunderfire Cannon, considering how much of a pain it is to assemble I figured leaving it till last could prove to be a costly error. Seeing as I have two, the second cannon's techmarine has been converted from one of the standard techmarines so there isn't two identical techmarines kicking around. I quite like him and can't wait to have him painted.
Many thanks to my Girl Friend, Blakeley, for taking these photos

So 11 days, this techmarine, The Thunderfire and a Razorback to complete. I'm pretty confident I can do it and am so looking forward to my weekend away. We're hoping to film some video's of the weekend which is promising to be a really good time.

More is soon to come! Back to the painting desk!

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