Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Skeleton WIP

So I've been painting up my Mantic stuff already, loving it every step of the way. I haven't been this motivated to paint in a while. Here is one of my first skeletons.

I'm working on building up the bone, I'm really pleased with how it's eyes have turned out. Dunno about red for the shield though. I'm considering a dark blue, green or purple as an alternative to the red.

Let me know what you think! I'm eager to hear people's thoughts on the scheme!



  1. I like it with the red, though, what you can do for variety is paint the shields all subtly different. They are reanimated corpses, right? Likely they wouldn't all match perfectly.

  2. Looks very good this far. If I had to nitpick I'd say that the bone colour is kinda similar to the chain mail tone. Maybe add a few dark washes to the chain mail and make it look proper ancient and dirty so you can differentiate it from the bone.

  3. @ CounterFett: That's a top idea that is... I could try seperating different units with different shield schemes and patterns and if that doesn't work, mix it up within the units... Thanks!

    @ The Antipope: I share your thoughts on that one, wasn't happy with the chainmail. I used Chainmail and devlan mud on it but in future I'm thinking Boltgun Metal, devlan mud and some badab black may be a much better option.

    Thanks guys! Looking forward to having more pics up soon!