Monday, September 5, 2011

The stuff of nightmares - Teddy WIP

Well I've finally made a start on Teddy's heart and thought I'd share some pics to get some feedback on it (and the model in general)

I've gone for something similar to what Eavy Metal's Neil Green did on the armour of his Harry the Hammer for the showcase in the Warhammer 25th anniversary White Dwarf. I did a quick sketch to try and get my bearings on what exactly I was trying to apply to the model, I find doing this can often help me when attempting freehand.

I stuck to using very neutral colours to try and avoid detracting from his face and gribbly maw which should probably be the main focal point of the model.

There's still plenty of work on him and the freehand isn't finished yet but I'm keen to get people's thoughts so far?

Stay tuned for more...


  1. Brilliant stuff man. The teeth are amazing. Looking forward to seeing him complete!

  2. Thanks! Teddy was a really fun model to paint, so much so that I think I need another one...