Saturday, September 3, 2011

Assorted Projects

Heya All, sorry for the lack of updates. Life's been pretty busy and I haven't much time to sit down and do much hobby related stuff until recently.

I've been taking a holiday from the grim darkness of the far future and working on some projects for a few other games to try and rebuild my motivation for 40k whilst working on some more enjoyable projects, here's what I've been up to of late...

Here's a Doppleganger from the Wyrd Miniatures game: Malifaux,

I've recently got into Malifaux and am loving it. The low model count makes it really affordable and easy to paint for yet give each miniature plenty of attention. I really enjoy the game itself. Playing with no dice and using cards instead is wierd at first but surprisingly cool. Very easy to understand and get the hang of.

I'm running a Neverborn crew (they're the bad guys of Malifaux) Led by Pandora. Figured the Doppleganger could be used to pull off some neat combos plus, its a cool model for $9 AUD.

Next on the painting desk for Malifaux is Teddy.

I've also picked up some prussians to get into Dystopian Wars with. Gonna aim for a predominantly black and gold scheme with them and have bits of white and red for markings and insignia...

Thanks for looking, will hopefully have more in the not too distant future...

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