Monday, April 18, 2011

If it bleeds, Can you kill it? - Rough Concept Art

Heya all, got a quick update to share.
Before I proceed too far with creating wrist blades and armour for the basic Eternity Wardens I decided I'd do some rough sketches to see if the ideas I had look as good to me on paper as they do in my head and I wanted to get some thoughts.

Here's my idea for how the end result could look for the wrist blades and the spears after some modification as well as me toying around with where to make armour on their legs and some greek letters I thought could look neat carved into armour and such...

It's been ages since I've really tried to draw anything off the top of my head so please excuse their crude nature.
And here's an incredibly rough sketch of the basic Eternity Warden "Raider/Ravager" equivelant based off the ship from the first AVP which I think lends itself more to the design then other Predator ships we've seen (more places where crew and passengers could stand, more places where weapons could be mounted etc.)

Thoughts on these concepts? I'm also still trying to brainstorm up some badass glaives for the berserks as well...

Thanks for looking!

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