Wednesday, April 13, 2011

If it bleeds, Can you kill it? - Possible Army List

So before getting too far into making my Lizardmen/Predators, I've been giving a lot of thought as to what I'm going to use them as in games of 40k. At the moment, I'm finding the Chaos Space Marine Codex best so far. What I'm looking at doing is:

The perfect apex warrior to represent the leader of the Lizardmen/Predators, this guy is an absoluter beast in combat and I can't think of many other combat juggernauts who could fit the role as well as Kharn does.

9x "Berserkers"
Skull Champion w. Powerfist
The idea behind using Berserkers stems mainly from their immense potential in close combat, they have plenty of attacks, high WS and furious charge and together with Kharn, hit pretty hard. Theme wise, these will represent the most vicious and bloodthirsty Lizardmen/Predators.

5x "Plague Marines"
2x Meltaguns
Mounted in a "Rhino"
These will represent the mainstay Lizardmen/Predator warriors. Whilst not as capable fighters as the Berserker equivelants, these have much more armour and are equipped for endurance. The idea being that these Lizardmen/Predators are trained/bred/equipped for more defensive roles then their Berserker brethren.
I'd like to make the rhino have a very similar style to the Predator space ships.
I want to take these as they are one of the best units to capture objectives with and bog down enemy units in combats they'll struggle to get out of.

5x "Plague Marines"
2x Meltaguns
Mounted in a "Rhino"
As Above

2x "Obliterators"
These will be used to represent large constructs inspired by the protoss dragoons as a multi-purpose fire support type unit. Still nutting out whether they will be like Dragoons and be used in a similar way to a dreadnought by containing a mortally wounded Lizardman/predator or whether they will be more akin to a robotic drone.

2x "Obliterators"
As above

"Chaos Land Raider"
This will represent a larger class of transport with heavier weaponry, again like the rhino, with a similar appearance to the predator ships.
In games, this will obviously be a delivery system for "Kharn" and the "Berserkers"

And there is about 246 pts left unspent and I'm not sure what to take with them. I want something that will complement the army by helping it to be effective on the tabletop yet at the same time I don't want to take a unit that wouldn't work well with the theme I have in mind for the army (i.e. Possessed, Spawns etc.)
I'm really interested to here what people's thoughts are on the list and what I can add to it. Any help would be really appreciated!

At the moment the back story I'm beginning to think up is looking like this:
The Eldar have legends of the old ones and their creations, how they fought the Necrontyr and the C'tan when the universe was young but few save the Harlequins know the exact truths behind these tales, particularly those regarding to the last creation of the old ones before their demise. A race of beings referred to only as "The Eternity Wardens"
The legends say that as the war in heaven drew to a close, it was painfully obvious to the Old Ones that their cause was lost. Assailed on all sides by Necrons and the denizems of the warp, they devised one last stratagem, a final solution.

And so the first of the eternity wardens were created, an intuitive race of reptillian warriors. The Old Ones bestowed them with all the knowledge and technology they could. Before their last creations could come to harm, in what may have been their last valiant act, the Old Ones shifted the Warden's planet into a completely isolated section of the webway, cutting off the Eternity Wardens from the rest of existence. However, this was not to safeguard the Wardens nor was it to protect what little remained of the Old Ones works. This was instead intended to buy the Eternity Wardens precious time to swell their ranks, stockpile weapons and prepare for the monumental task that lay ahead. The destruction of all life in the universe, of Necrons, Eldar, Daemon and Human alike. The entirety of existence was to be purged by the Wardens so that the universe could start afresh from a clean slate and made as the Old Ones had intended.

Every ten thousand years, a number of Webway portals all over the universe, long presumed to be no longer capable of function, re-open and allow the armies of the Eternity Wardens to re-enter the physical universe and set about their mission of universal genocide. Or so the legends say.

And on a much more light hearted note, in my search for inspiration of the predator variety, I found this...

Well that's all for today, I have some more Work In Progress "Eternity Wardens" I've been working on that I'll hopefully be able to post some pics of soon.
Thanks for checking out my crazy lil project!

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