Monday, April 11, 2011

If it bleeds, Can you kill it?

Just giving away a quick preview of what is yet to come. I'm really excited about what I have to show you all, It's the beginnings of my next army!
Now as you all would know from my previous entries, I've been agonising over how to put together an Eldar force I'd be happy with.

Well that idea is dead and gone. Replaced by an army that would be best described as a mash up between Fantasy Battle Lizardmen and Predators, in the grim darkness of the far future. These will be used as a 'Counts as' Chaos marine army with plenty of berserkers, led by a Kharn the betrayer equivelant inspired by the bad ass berserker from Predators.

Without further ado:
I had an absolute blast building this guy, mind you, he's no-where near done yet. still gotta scratch build more armour and add the all important wrist blades.

Will have more on these and my ideas for how they fit into 40k in the next few days

Thanks for looking!

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